Wednesday, October 03, 2012



On our travels home from Florida we stopped in Atlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium. Before moving to the midwest we lived in Atlanta for a few years, and right when we were transferring jobs and packing up to leave the state, only a month later they opened up the aquarium. Go figure! Well we missed our chance to see it and were pretty bummed. So with a bit of time to spare on our drive home, we figured the kiddos (and us too) would love to see what it looked like. It was AMAZING!!!! If you're in Georgia and haven't been to it yet you surely need to go see it. They have some of the largest indoor tanks which you'll see in a few of my photos; it's beyond real how large they are. They have whale sharks, beluga whales, great hammerhead sharks, manta rays, bottlenose dolphins and more! The marine life was simply outstanding. I wish my photos were a bit better because it was so dark around every corner and I am not a pro with my camera so I have a few more blurred images than I'd liked, but oh well. When I was a child I wanted to be a dolphin trainer and let me tell you, after seeing their dolphin show, I totally wish I followed thru with that one. The kids were highly impressed and Wyeth's excitement over them jumping and doing tricks just made my heart smile. He was even sure that when we go swimming again at the beach we can get a few dolphins to help push us around underwater if we want. Can you spot the dolphin in the photo below? Also what's your favorite marine life critter?
My tiny family above right. Isn't that whale shark above HUGE!!!


  1. These are pretty amazing pictures, Sandi. I would LOVE to go to the Atlanta aquarium. And based on your photos, there's so much to see. The photo on the bottom reminds me of how beautiful this is,

  2. That looks like a great one! I can't get over that albino alligator/crocodile.

  3. I think I'm going to start saving and get to this amazing aquarium!!!! Thanks for the beautiful photos. When I was little I wanted to live under the sea, a Mermaid. Xo love to your beautiful family

  4. LOVE these! That gator picture is awesome and made me chuckle!


  5. We love the Georgia amazing. I have nothing to compare it to, except for a much smaller aquarium here near the OBX, but have heard it is one of the best in the country. The World of Coke is right across from it. Have you ever been? We were there a couple years ago visiting family and it was our first trip to both places. We are already planning a trip back hopefully next year.

  6. Great photos! The gator is my favorite - I've never seen one look so happy!


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