Tuesday, October 16, 2012



I miss being on vacation. Is that so silly to say. I miss the beach. The warm weather. The sleeping in a bit later than normal. The walks to get ice cream in the evenings. But what I really miss is the quality time we had together, being with my family, the hugs, the laughs, the doing somethings, to the doing nothings. I miss that the most. Sure we have quality time, hugs and kisses here at home... but while on vacations there's no going to work everyday, or answering phone calls, checking emails and wasting time elsewhere. There's really quality family time, living in the moment, and making the most of the time we have together. We tried to do a little something special to help us remember each day, and one day we all decided "let's go fly a kite!" The kiddos had never flown a kite before so my mom brought one, plus she had some little twirly launchers which soared high in the sky that the kiddos loved to chase about. Thanks mom for bringing simple but memorable toys to make our vacation that much more special. A few pictures from that evening at the beach. I love the photo of the kiddos and their grandparents, boy do we miss them. Do you enjoy flying a kite?
P.S. isn't my dad's shirt (bottom photo) a hoot. If you look close you will see it says "The CodFather" which my family lives on Cape Cod and my dads favorite movie is The Godfather. Oh and the Cod (fish) is shaped like the Cape ;)


  1. All my life is a vacation and trust me, you get tired of it.



  2. Great pictures Sandy! I want to be on the beach right now. Wow, a lot right now.

  3. I totally agree about vacation. I feel like I'm always pining for vacation, seriously. Great photos, though :) We could all do with more kite-flying.

  4. Love seeing you and your parents enjoying life together. I know that they miss all of you terribly! Cant wait for you to visit your HOME beach. xo

  5. Your parents are the cutest!! Looks like an amazing evening. So glad you guys had such an amazing vacation. :)


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