Monday, October 01, 2012



The weekend and leading up to the weekend was packed. A few photos via IG of what we were up to. There was a work event so my sweet friend Sara and I took full advantage of the free photo booth. Re-dyed my hair a bit more purple and blue. Painted myself a little bracelet. Jessee and I swapped artwork and I received a lovely package from her this weekend, and couldn't stop wearing my new favorite acorn earrings. On Saturday was the Hallmarket (craft fair) and boy was it busy and hot hot (the weather was hot this is) and we were melting. The photos with yellow dots are courtesy of Sara who kindly kept me company during the show and my little family visited too. :) My bike arrived! It's so lovely and Penny really loves her seat (though we may swap it out for a bigger seat with a bit more leg room for her) and did not want to get out of it when we were done, and Wyeth loved his hitch-hiker too and did extremely well balancing on it for his first every bike ride. I was so nervous of a fall but he impressed us all. We see a lot of bike rides in our future as the kiddos were pumped after out ride. I did some late night sewing for a baby shower at work today. And we visited with the BIL & fam for a dinner and some yummy apple pie. So how was your weekend? Hope it was awesome.
I've had a few people email me about these. I just wanted to note that I'm having wood cut at this moment and after I get everything back and hand painted I will be updating the shop. I'll have a little blog post when it's all ready to go to the shop. :)


  1. Wow, looks like it was a very busy weekend! Love the shots of all of your products, always adorable.

  2. Great pictures! Love the little fox.


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