Monday, October 15, 2012



A peek into our weekend via IG...
  • Doodles by the boy (above). As Wyeth put it "Dad is running late to work. Penny has messy hair. You (mom) and me (Wyeth) are working on fixing the roof." p.s. there's nothing wrong with our roof ;)
  • A fish trivet I scored at an estate sale Washing dishes seems like a never ending cycle in this house. Even though we have a dishwasher we still find ourselves at the sink hand washing things. Mostly because I would never send some pieces thru the dishwasher to begin with which then adds up to piles on the counter.
  • Our garage is a bomb, there's no lie about it. We have a tiny home and a lot has migrated to the garage because we have no more room indoors. Well we were sick of looking at it. We hate living this way. We need to start downsizing on things. So a bit of cleaning was in order and the kiddos gladly helps us out by observing from a rocker while eating yummy lollipops. Wait, that's not really helping out, ha! Or Wyeth helped us break down styrofoam which turned into it snowing mess throughout the whole garage, ha! :)
  • FREE CARDS - Organizing the house is also underway. I seem to have acquired a few to many cards. Does anyone needs some? I seriously need to part with these so the first 3 people to mention wanting cards, please send me your email address so I can email you to get your contact info and mail you a little handful of miscellaneous cards. :)
  • There was painting by the kiddos. There is this awesome paper which the ink goes on clear and then magically appears. The kids had fun magically revealing handprints.
  • Tasty strawberry kiwi smoothies
  • Baked Butter Cookies which are one of my favorite! Let's just say I gave 1/2 to my SIL but the other half seems to be missing… we enjoyed them, they were tasty ;)
  • A little nail painting. Colors : Sinful Colors - Rise and Shine 940 (Teal) and Nirvana 949 (Brown)
  • The kiddos used some allowance and dumped out piggy banks to count change to each buy a special toy. Wyeth found a new Transformer (Bulkhead) and Penelope came home with a Rapunzel Barbie doll.
  • An the mister made us all giggle as usually, as he tried on children's masks while shopping so there was a "Batman spotting in the kids aisle" :)

How was your weekend? I hope it was happy! :)


  1. haha! I love your pictures and they made me smile! I know what you mean, its so easy to accumulate so much stuff and have so little places to store it!

    1. I don't know how we ever accumulated so much, ha!

  2. I always love your have such a sweet family slash life :)

  3. I'm really liking your nail painting colors.

    1. Thanks Kristen. They were actually way easier than you can imagine.

  4. Always best to fix one's roof before one needs it-- good lad! Love the pics!

  5. what a cute family! My girls have the same piggy bank.

    1. Thanks! The piggy bank I had bought at work before the kiddos were born and just love it. :)

  6. i would love to get some free cards Sandi! I am all about free <3 thanks my email is talk to you soon!


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