Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Snapshots of our weekend via IG...

  • Pumpkin painting and carving; and then roasting some Sugar and Spice (recipe coming soon) pumpkin seeds, yum yum! 
  • Bought some Halloween bugs for a DIY (which I'll share soon).
  • Did a bit of weekend sewing and project planning. I'm making a few baby gifts including a little Ele (and birdie friends) mobile (down bottom). These have been my teeniest Ele's yet, but they are coming out ok. I'm also gearing up to make a few kiddo Halloween costumes.
  • Did a bit of thrifting store hunting and kinda wish I snatched up that mug but passed.
  • We took a sporadic day trip to the Wichita Zoo. The kiddos enjoyed animal watching and goofing about with their aunt. The day was lovely and the weather was perfect! Loved that lion photo (above). They were right by the viewing glass and so patient as I snapped their photos.
  • There were weekend Pumpkin Waffles enjoyed by all. Recipe blogged here
  • My SIL is going to school to be an education major and she gladly assisted Wyeth as he's been practicing mastering his left handed writing techniques. It's been trick for us to help him figure out how to hold the pencil for writing properly but she had a few tricks up her sleeve which worked wonders. Thanks Bee. :)
  • And miss Luna has been settling into this family nicely. She's now taking full advantage of being a lazy indoor house cat... sleeping on the beds, receiving tons of hugs an pats on the back, and curled up by your side on the couches while we work or watch tv. 


  1. I love a good sewing project - can't wait to see what cuteness comes that machine & pretty fabric!

  2. Eek, at first I thought those were real beetles! Glad you had a great weekend :)


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