Monday, November 26, 2012



For as long as I can recall my family has collected insulators and there use to be a bunch on top of the hearth in out home. I'd play with them and arrange them by color, shapes or sizes and could stare at them forever. Have you ever noticed these things (above) and not really known what they were? Well if you have power lines in your area you may be so lucky to spot one of them up top of a nearby poll. An insulators is used to help transmit high voltages of power thru the lines, and though I'm not a brainiac about power by any means I know that some of the older insulators (like these glass ones above) are retired over time and then replaced with newer ones. I've currently seen a trendy in the antique malls or thrift stores with them. My dad (who works for the power company, for many years now) has acquired the most wonderful personal collection. He was even so kind to give me a few which we use in our home currently as decorative door stops. So do you own any insulators? Happy Monday sweet friends, it's lovely to be back today and I hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous! :)



  1. Oh wow! These are awesome! I'm not sure if we have these covers on our power lines in Australia.

  2. My mother has a small collection. Not nearly as many colors as you show here, though! Hers are all lovely shades of blue and green.

  3. Super late to this but we have a fair few light green (top right) ones and I think a few cobalt blue ones. We use the light green ones as light covers to flank our gate leading from our driveway to our backyard.
    I also know about them because my dad works for an electrical contracting company!

  4. I've always had a few blue ones, but I didn't know they even came in all these colors. Beautiful!

  5. Work of an art I can say. This is a blast on my research about insulators and spacers.


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