Wednesday, November 07, 2012



I posted on IG a photo of my hanging collection of scarves. I won't lie, I own a little huge collection of scarves. At first I stored them in a shoe box but they would get lost in there and I honestly forgot to pull the box out of the drawer to wear them... so I moved them over to a few hangers which reside in the closet along side the dresses. This makes organizing them SO much easier and they aren't all balled up in a mess. This works wonders for tights too, of for guys with ties! I just wanted to share a quick "diy - how to" since a few people have asked me how did you do that. Enjoy and Happy Wednesday sweet friends :)
p.s. My diy has 5 scarves (above) but I currently have 3 hangers, each with 9 scarves. So cram on more if you must. good luck! ;)

1.) Scarf(s) and Hanger(s)
2.) Hold diagonal corner to corner and find center point.
3.) Pinch in center and lay behind hanger with open hole at top
4.) Pull bottom tail thru hole
5.) Adjust straight on hanger
6.) Finished! (Image shows scarf with knot flipped on hanger)


  1. What a cute little tutorial! These pictures are great Sandi.

    1. Thanks Anna! You would been giggling at me as we don't have any white surfaces and these photos are all actually shot with me holding it upward on a white wall. Have to be creative I guess ;)

  2. I love this idea! But… all my hangers are taken up with dresses! ;)


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