Tuesday, November 06, 2012



As usually our weekend was packed with activities. Snapshots via IG...

  • Cleaned and straightened around our home. Organized small collections (bangles above & sewing cabinet below) and parted with others.
  • Fall is lovely so we spent time outdoors admiring the view (red burning bush).
  • Raked a few more than a few piles of free mulch for around our kiddo play area.
  • Listened to old tunes. Love "Live" which it's been a while since I've enjoyed them.
  • Snuggled with miss Luna who has adjusted just fine to this family.
  • I caught up on a bit of Dexter and now await the next discs. Thank you Netflix!
  • Enjoyed a bike ride with little lady and man does she love biking. "Faster mom faster!"
  • Played micro machines and other cars with the boy (and girl too).
  • First Fridays thrift run. Loved those colorful chairs but we surely don't need more chairs. 
  • So excited that it's hat weather. I love, love, love hats!
  • I'm working on exercising at the gym daily and running on the weekends...
  • The kiddos keep passing back and forth a cold which I'm crossing my fingers and hoping to avoid... we'll see...
Hope your weekend was happy!

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  1. Beautiful photos! I'm in love with your hair colour! It's gorgeous <3


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