Monday, November 12, 2012


  • The weekend started off with lovely Fall weather. A nice high of 67 and sunny (above) but ended cold rainy and in the 30's eck! Winter must be on it's way...
  • Enjoyed some music and movies at home
  • Took a trip to see "Wreck it Ralph" which was Penny's first trip to a theatre and she did surprisingly better than we thought she would have. Both kids (and parents) loved the movie though.
  • Took the boy on a little mom and me date to the book store to spend some time hunting the dinosaur and shark section for new books. We we informed he wants to be an Paleontologist and needs to start learning of all the bones now... he also wants to drive construction trucks ;)
  • I went to get my first ever tattoo. I was so nervous but after I got in there and started it wasn't half as bad as I had been working it up to be and I'll sure be back for another... And I'll share the tattoo photo and a post about it all after my ink has healed up a bit more. :)
  • One of the guys at the tattoo shop owned the most lovely Ford Falcon, oh swoon!!!
  • We had a few car issues in the weeks past with my Jetta. After another trip to the mechanic in less than a month we found out we'd be better off investing in a new car. I'm a big HUGE VW fan as my first car I loved and was so sad to have to part with was my '92 GTi. I swore I'd get another one someday... and well... someday just happened to be this weekend!
  • Enjoyed my new plaid boots and had to sport a lumberjack look and go all out with a plaid top. ;)
  • Did a bit of thrifting, and personal shopping.
  • Enjoyed a night run and my time was surprisingly better than the last. And yup, as Anastasia (mcdonnellism) said it on IG I ran with my trust light saber - aka one of the kiddos glow stick flashlight whistles. ;)
  • And the weekend is over and I would love more sleep... can it be Saturday again?

Hope you're weekend was wonderful!


  1. Congrats on your first tattoo! I can't wait to see a photo :)

  2. Hooray for the ink! Totally looking forward to seeing what you got. Patience is a virtue!

  3. My little boy wants to be a paleontologist too! At least that's what he tells everyone he meets, even though all his time is spent playing with Legos and dressing up like superheroes.

  4. The tat! I'm so excited to see the final product.


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