Friday, December 14, 2012



Oh how I love the word of Amanda Visell. If you don't know of this lovely lady you need too. She is one of my favorite illustrators! I'm lucky to own a few of her vinyl pieces and one of her prints which hangs in the boys room... but let's chat about these Star Wars pieces. The boy has never seen Star Wars before, when he's 5 (in a few months) there is talks to let him see them all but lately he's just been brushing up on the character names, playing the Wii Lego game, looking at books, etc. The idea of a saber swords and x-wings has crossed his mind and seem to be on the Christmas list so when I spotted these pieces Amanda had done I pretty much flipped my lid and had to show them to him too. He was able to pick out which character was which. The boy liked Boba Fett and I kinda like the Chewbacca. I didn't share them all on the blog (but there were others too which you may see on her site) but which one is your favorite? To see more of Amanda's amazing illustrative works please visit her thru the links below. Enjoy and Happy Friday!!!



  1. That storm trooper would be a big hit in our family. Our kids kinda love Star Wars - even our girls. Amanda's work is amazing!

  2. Oh my goodness they are so stinkin cute! I may get one for my boyfriend for his birthday {and maybe the Chewie one for myself ;)}


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