Tuesday, December 04, 2012



Our weekends have been so busy lately and I don't find myself online as much; which is completely fine though as my little family needs more of the full attention. The kiddos are on the go go go and wake just before 6 daily (eck! and on weekends too!) and yes that makes it rough for sleeping in ever, hahaha but I'm sure the local donut shop loves us as we've been grabbing some tasty treats to kick off our eventful weekends. Penny is a chocolate glazed kiddo and Wyeth just started liking (mom's fav) Boston Cremes. What is your favorite donuts? Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  • Some guy I know just so happens to like chocolate chip cookies! So there was some baking, and taste testing of cookies ;)
  • I was never a fan of Pomegranates until my SIL brought one over last Fall and since then I've really enjoyed them.
  • The kiddos spent one morning bolting about the house as super heroes. Super capes thanks to Dawn
  • The girl seems to constantly have the bug, poor kiddo but she surely still looks adorable. 
  • The mister and kiddos put the lights up on the house, we still need to get the inside decorations rolling, we've been slacking some because there are sooooo many to bring out.
  • We enjoyed tasty donuts from our favorite local shop - Johns Space Age Donuts!
  • Lacing Tommy lost his hand. Such a sad day when a toy breaks, now he can't hold his sword...
  • The girl and I shopped for the boy for Christmas gifts and found a collection of Legos! Thank you 10% weekends discount and 15% off coupons, because boy are Legos more than I though they were, ha!
  • What I typically wear Saturday mornings. Cozy, lazy, sleepy attire. See I don't always dress up...
  • But then I did share what I wore when I do dress up, red lipstick an all
  • Saturday night I had a girls night with Sara and we stopped by Noodles & Company for dinner, yum!
  • Hanging out in Sara's home is like living in a toy store/museum which is pretty awesome! I love her colorful wall of toys and that stacking totem by Gary Ham was so cute! 
  • We were cracking up as we enjoyed Jon LaJoie's "Best Christmas Song" and we enjoyed more good laughs while watching Bridesmaids.
  • And I re-dyed my hair to look a bit more holiday appropriate, it's a marbled green/aqua
  • And who can forget Kuma (above), not ours, but Sara's sweet kitty!


  1. what a great toy collection, and displayed so artfully!

  2. Looks like such an awesome weekend! So glad you had so much fun!

  3. Totally okay to disconnect every now and then! I'm learning that, and spending more of the waking hours with my son is so worth it.


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