Tuesday, December 18, 2012


So I've never really been able to wear tall boots. Ankle boots, sure, but tall boots... almost up to my knee boots... sadly no. As cute as they come, these calves have never really been a fan of such. I've hunted high and low for the perfect boots but gave up that dream long again as each pair I loved and attempted to try on just bummed me out as the zipper just won't budge any higher… but then… then... there were these lovelies. And you know what, they fit, yippie!!! I've secretly (well not now, because you know) been doing a boot dance each time I put them on with the excitement that they actually fit me. Do you wear boots? Hope your weeks off to a great start! :)

* If you follow me via IG you will have seen that I have been trying really hard to get into shape and exercise daily. I won't lie, it's been a lot of work, but after a few weeks at the gym daily these calves are excited to sport new boots and I'm feeling a lot better about myself too. :) 

- - - - - - - - - WARDROBE ATTIRE - - - - - - - - -
Black Cardigan, Target. Gray Dress, XXI. Gray Leggings, Target. 
Vintage Sarah Coventry Brooch, Thrifted. (similar brooch here for sale) Boots by Mossimo, Target. 


  1. YAY for boots! I sometimes have trouble finding them too.

    Great work with the exercise Sandi! I'm trying to exercise regularly at the moment too and it's so reassuring and exciting when you start to see the effort and persistance pay off. :D

  2. You look so adorable in the "boot dance" photos!! And also I'm super impressed by the daily workouts. I can only get myself to do three times a week, if that. Your an inspiration!!

    also I've had the same issues with boots my entire life! In high school it was bc my calves were to muscular and thick (from sports I'm assuming) and now at 30 their just too thick (all the muscle is hone) I STILL try pairs on all the time and constantly get frustrated. I just love tall boots so much more than ankle boots. Though I still buy the ankle ones so I at least have boots...


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