Monday, January 21, 2013



"Wash it, Dry it, Braid it, Dye it..." Can you name that book? A long time ago I had red hair... and pink, purple, green, blue, white, black and so on. College days were filled with colored hair and I loved it! I was able to express myself thru my hair... did I mention I've also completely shaved it bald too. After graduating an stepping into a professional world I geared back from the color and went back with my natural brown, I figured job hunting would be a bit easier with a more neutral shades... but it never felt the same. As years passed and jobs changed I kept the brown but it was always in the back of my head to change it again, especially when I would see some amazing colored hair. Over a year ago I considered changing the color again (and my work seemed ok with such) and I was beyond excited for something new. It's changed a bit over the year and if you follow me via IG you would have seen it went from aqua to pink/purple and then quickly adjusted to all out RED... so there you have it, I'm a Redhead, for a bit. I thought with Valentines around the corner red would be a good color ;) Until the mood strikes and I change it again...
* Quote from The Hair Book by Graham Tether // Here


  1. I was a REDhead in high school! But my current job made me dye it "natural" - lame!

  2. Badass color :) It looks great on you!

  3. Love the red on you!! You look lovely as always! xoxo

  4. Yeaaah, such a bright red too. I love it and it looks great on you. :]

  5. LOVE IT!!! though it's making me miss my red hair :p

  6. Such a beautiful technicolor Lucy vibe!!

  7. Oh goodness, I am in love with your hair!! This post took me down memory lane....I too, used to have my hair in every color of the rainbow. My favorites were always red & blue. I then gre my dreads out, and decided to get rid of them to look for a job...I really miss my dreads, and have been seriously considering getting them back.
    Okay, done rambling. Again, red looks rad on ya!! ;]

  8. Cherry red looks great on you! Brightens up a dreary winter for sure!

    <3 Megan


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