Monday, February 18, 2013



While home on visiting family, I inherited my cousins lovely collection of cake decorating tips (above). I love to bake, but I am no Julia Child... but sometimes when the mood strikes me I attempt my hand at sweet treats, cookies, pies or cakes. I'm pretty good at cooking all the unhealthy meals. These cake tips though will come in quite handy, now I just need a lesson or two on how to use them all. Do you bake? Any tips or tricks on how to decorate fancy cupcakes? I have two kiddo birthdays quickly approaching so I guess I better start my practicing. Happy Monday, and have a wonderful new week ahead! :)

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  1. Oh wow, that's a lovey collection of decorating tips. - You should have a look at for some beautiful inspiration. She is self trained and so amazingly talented. xx


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