Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hope you're weekends lovely.
WEEKLY WRAP 19 (Links loved thru the weeks)
I'm really wanting a Crosley Portable Turntable in lime green or maybe orange...
Would love to try these yummy Carrot Cake Waffles
I would love a tattoo as absolutely gorgeous as this one (above).
Few Steps Forward Heel in Emerald via ModCloth
Been eyeing this 'Mister Mittens' Big Adventure Tee via Threadless for a while now
And it would pair nicely with this Cat Tote
Adorable scalloped dresses over on Oh So Lovely
Eaton Shoes via Toast, oh swooooon
Cute little snail tea bag holder
I heart vintage camera's (above)

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  1. Those carrot cake waffles look way too tempting and I love all the scallops on Oh So Lovely. Thanks for posting a little inspiration!


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