Friday, May 24, 2013



So it's an extra long weekend with Memorial Day come Monday. Yay! I'm excited for some relaxing time, catching up on laundry and chores, a trip to see Star Trek and possibly a trip to buying some fresh veggies at the weekend farmers market.  So how do you plan to spend your long weekend?

WEEKLY WRAP 20 (Links found and loved thru the week past)
I'm really wanting to get another tattoo for my birthday (end of June) this one is darling (above)
I'm always on the hunt for leggings and these rain cloud and lightning pair are cute cute!
Stylish yes simple DIY suitcase side table.
There are so many wonderful DIY out there and these triangle shelves are on the top of my list
Because who doesn't need an awesome kitty purse
Matiko Felix Printed Jute Oxfords via UO, ya know, only $153!!! Pretty but ouch.
Oreo Wonderfilled Anthem, courtesy of Oreo's cookies!? Yup. Here take a peek. 
Strawberry, Avocado, Kale and Bacon Poppyseed dressing salad... doesn't sounds to bad. (above)
Cutest little bear planter!
A handful of cool headboard ideas. I like the large typographic letters one the best.

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  1. The leggings are super cute and that bear planter would be fun in my girls' room (they could use a little green!). And I love the new blog look!


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