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Brownie Balls are probably one of my new favorite sweet treats and super simple (an fun) to make. I made them for a close friends birthday a couple months ago and have found I've made them a couple more times since then just to fill my own personal sweet tooth. I can't eat a bunch of them, unless I am prepared for a complete sugar comatose, so I divide my brownie mixture into 1/4 of a tray after it's cooked and save a section to prepare brownie balls with. If you're having a party or would like larger (like the white ones below, golf ball size) balls then by all means use more of the mixture. Hope you enjoy them too.

Approx 1 hour  ||  Makes 30 Mini Brownie Balls per 9x9 Tray

1 Box of Brownie Mix + ingredients per package (I like to use Betty Crocker's Low Fat Brownie Mix)
Bakers Chocolate Bars (Chocolate or White per taste, I've used both)
Wiltons Chocolate Melts (Circle Colored Candy Melts)
1 Can (only a few scoops needed) of vanilla frosting

Prepare brownie mix as directed on packaging. Remove promptly after baking and break apart with fork in large bowl. Add a little scoop (start with small scoops) of frosting at a time into the brownie mix to help mixture stick together. You don't want it super gooey just enough to hold it together. Shape into larger "marble sized" balls. Place balls on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper (or wax paper). After all the balls are made place tray into freeze to harden. Meanwhile, melt chocolates, microwave on low heat for 30 seconds at a time, and stir occasionally. When brownie balls are frozen, drop one by one into chocolate mixture, coat and return to tray and refreeze. After all chocolate is hardened store in the fridge (uncovered is ok), eat, or add a decorative chocolate layer - like the striped layers pictures in my photos. I did this by melting chocolate and whipping it back and forth with a spoon. It's messy, fun, and they looked a little more special in the end.

** Please note I am not a professional baker and this is my own recipe. I found a few recipes out there for cake pops and adapted them all into one for my personal taste and use so feel to adjust this recipe and use to your taste. Enjoy

** The Red ones below are actually Red Velvet Cake Pops. They are kinda large! An I created them with the same method above, though I used cream cheese frosting and obviously red velvet cake.

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