Monday, June 03, 2013



The weekend was packed... A trip to the farmers market, a thrift run, spinning new to me (vintage) records, a hair touch up and recolor - it's a bit bluer today, bowling with the kiddos - they're a hoot, a few fun park outings, bed jumping (an a collision but we're all ok), Lego building, Playdoh playing, chalk doodling, hanging out with a close friend, tasty homemade meals, and a few sweet treats (honey sticks, banana chips, truffles oh my!) in there too, some much needed relaxing, watching a few movies, sleeping in a bit when I can afford too, and enjoying life in general. What did your weekend look like? Happy Monday dear friends.  

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  1. That pizza looks heavenly! And I love the photo of your children jumping on the bed holding hands. Adorable.


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