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So the past week was a short one due to the holiday Monday, and now the weekends almost over, an been busy but a wonderful one. I have a short week (3 day) ahead due to a day off and a work outing, but who complaining, not me! I hope you're having a great weekend too, filled with laughs, good food, friends & family, relaxing, and doing something you just really love to do. A few things below I've spotted and loved, enjoy :)

WEEKLY WRAP 21 (Links found and loved thru the week past)
This clock (above) is all kinds of amazing! To bad my wallet isn't bigger...
I have a few of these vintage dishes but a whole set, oh swoon.
I really want this Fisheye Camera 2 by Lomography.
On the subject of camera's this camera lens stool is interesting.
These wooden Cubebots (robot toys) by Areaware (above) are pretty awesome.
For little fingers these colorful Playon Crayons are to cute.
Not like there's an ocean close by, but I found myself purchasing this swimsuit thanks to Old Navy.
I have a thing for chairs and this geometric patterning is right up my alley.
DIY Typography Cake, yum... I mean "yay"!
This anchor purse is cute cute, it may have made it's way into my collection.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my clock, Ada. Much appreciated indeed ;)



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