Monday, June 24, 2013



I've been excited and dreading this week for months. I'm a pretty private family person, keeping most of our close family details to myself but this week is "Wyeth Week!" Let me explain some... As most of you know we live in Kansas, apart from immediate family (parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc.) and at times that makes life a bit tougher than you can imagine. I'm a big family person and before the kiddos were born, I had it set in my head, that if I was here in Kansas and had kids, that by the time age 5 came around we would start sending them home to family for a month over the Summers... yup you heard me right, a month!!! Wyeth's grandparents are divided between NJ and MA, and he see's them when they come to visit, once (or maybe twice) a year, which we're so thankful for, but we wish he could be around them more, so we opted for travel. We started to discuss traveling more a year ago and nailed down that Wyeth would travel home for a month (2 weeks between each family) to be able to see where his parents grew up, visit the beaches, hike thru the woods, meet cousins and other friends, and have a fun few Summer weeks to just themselves. There's no doubt this is going to be easy. I know it won't be. But I'm hoping for the best. I honestly think miss P will have the hardest time in this all, as she dislikes being away from big brother even if it's for a few hours. So Friday, Wyeth flys (don't worry he's not flying alone, heck no!) home for his month long adventures between 2 states to see family and friends. I've been a baby myself and already cried about it some, an how I won't seeing him daily, an the longest we've been apart was for a long weekend... but it will be ok... or so I keep telling myself this. And there is Facetime, and phones and photos. But how and when did this kid get so big on me? "Wyeth Week we're ready for you! And grandparents and other family out there, one very excited boy is overly ecstatic to come and see all of you very soon!"
Happy Monday sweet friends, I hope your weekend was lovely.


  1. Gosh, I think this is so fantastic, fun, and brave! Brave for you, and for him! So great!! : )

    Ps. Where in NJ. : )

    Xo jenny

    1. His family in NJ is in the Cherryhill area (South Jersey) ;)

  2. This is a great idea Sandi. I think Wyeth will really be thankful in the future. I'm sure you and Penelope are missing him a ton.


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