Tuesday, July 09, 2013


There's no hiding that I'm a bit of a geek. If you met me in person you may not realize this instantly, but my love for vintage goes far beyond knick knacks and collectable bowls and glassware that I've shared here on the blog. I don't have them on display but I collect childhood toys, cheesy 80's music and you guessed it games (board games mostly, but I video games too!) I was never good at video games (I'll admit it) though. I probably thought I was as a child, I'm sure my brothers chuckled how much I stunk, an as the years went by I never got any better, hahaha! But all in all, I always loved the characters, Mario, Kirby, MegaMan, Ms Pacman, etc... you name it and I liked it. Well I came across this stop motion video a few months ago and instantly was sent into a time lapse and thought it's to amazing not to share. This artist, Michael Birken, spent months and many long hours arranging Post-It Notes (yup you read that right!) to recreate the beloved childhood video games you'll see below. It's a pretty awesome video, and the idea of stop motion just amazes me!!! Enjoy!

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