Monday, July 01, 2013



Well I'm not one for really celebrating my birthday. I kinda dodge the day in general if I can an I really don't care to make such a hype over it as it's just another day... I stopped counting the years a while back, but it surely hit me on Friday about getting older as I had to renew my license (woohoo I love the dmv, NOT!) and the man at the counter asked my age instead of birth year and I had to pause an do some quick addition to think about it, but I guessed the right number, phew. All in all, this weekend was wonderful though, and filled with a bunch of activities and spending time with the people I adore. I couldn't have imagined it to be more perfect. We hit up the local donut place, the farmers market, saw Monsters University (which was awesome btw), went swimming (in a kiddie pool and big pool), played outside, jumped a hop scotch, laughed at out jump rope attempts, played with sidewalk chalk, blew bubbles, made and wrecked sand castles, went out to eat, took a bike ride, had a picnic, played at a playground, ate some fancy ice cream, thrifted, record hunted (an purchased a few), visited with in-laws, an received a few amazing cards and generously thoughtful gifts. It was surely a weekend I won't forget an now it's time for another short 3 day on/4 day off week, so I may be looking forward to the weekend ahead already, hahaha! Hope your weekend was wonderful, Happy July! Wait a sec, when did July get here?

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