Thursday, November 21, 2013


So this is the first year I actually jumped upon the opportunity to have the kiddos photos professionally taken. I was offered a deal I couldn't resist and was able to work with the talented Danny Iskak, locally, here in Kansas City. To say Danny is talented would be an understatement, he's beyond amazing!!! I am so happy with how he captured all of these photos of my kiddos, exactly how I see them. My kids are happy kids, but sure they have their moments too, but all in all, Danny specializes in children's photography and it really shows thru his work. He's ability to catch their personalities really shines thru in these images, and he had such passion and excitement working with my kids that the overall energy of the photo shot was wonderful. Though staged photos can be wonderful too, catching life in the moment really speaks more to me than that silly school portrait my kiddo cringes to have taken. And though I only selected a few images to share here on the blog, they all are equally as fabulous, you should really go check out Danny's work. If you are locally I would suggest booking him for a shoot yourself and I guarantee you'll be pleased. I'm attaching Danny's Facebook feed, plus his contact info if you're locally below so you can find him, but he'll also have a new snazzy site up (which someone may have helped with, wink wink) and running soonish where you'll be able to follow along thru his photography journey.

"Thanks again Danny for our photo's, the kiddos and I couldn't be more please! :) "

FACEBOOK  ||  913.206.3101   ||
(Danny Iskak is locally serving the Kansas City area)


  1. Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! They are so unbelievably cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What great photos!!

  2. Awesome.. Thats the only word comes to my mind. :)


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