Friday, November 08, 2013


Long story made short... Every business, both big an small, has to go thru change to grow as a company. Last week it became more apparent that this change was now. And this week, my creative department was hit pretty hard. In shock of disbelief an pure sadness, tears were shed. An though I'm happy what seemed like the longest week of my life is now over, an I'm grateful to still have a job, I also can't help but feel extremely sad over it all. Many talent people were asked to say goodbye. Now, they all start a new chapter of life. An I have no doubts that these people will be successful, because they will be! But it's hard to except that things will be a little different. So with my best friend in mind, because she's been thru it all and still a strong fighter, I doodled this especially for her, so she'd know "this is the beginning of anything you want". Love you sweet friend, you're amazing and beyond talented and I hope you know it! :) 

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  1. I don't honestly know what I would do without you in my life. I love you and I'm going to miss sitting next to everyday but I know this is not the end of anything but the start of some amazing new adventures that I hope you are a part of with me in some way. I'm a better person knowing you and I hope you know how much you mean to me even if I'm not always able to say it.


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