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WOW! Now that speaks volume to me and I'm sure to a bunch of you out there too. It's funny how we compare ourselves to others, isn't it? I mean, let's really think about things for a second. You are you. And I am me… an I almost broke into a Beatles song for a second… but we have different talents, different goals, different ways of life. Our own unique upbringings. We work different jobs, we live in different states, we enjoy different things… and when it comes down to it, everything about us sets us apart from the next person. So why would we ever compare? Really? Why would we?

I understand people compare because they want what they don't have. Sure you could have what they have, but you're gonna have to work a hell of a lot harder to get to it because you aren't suppose to have it. But it really isn't that logical to compare. My view on the matter - is that it only makes your (an mine too) life that much more stressful when you compare. An then there is comparing to people out there on the internet (like it says above, which mine you, I LOVE this print) which we only see pieces of their life that they wish to share with us. In the retrospect of things people blog the happy, the positives in their lives, the inspiration which keeps them going. I do the same. Now I don't go lying about things in my life, but I choose not to share the negatives which have affected me because they are my business and why should you worry about them. Why would you want to hear negatives. I'm not a pity party person so I just brush that stuff aside and choose not to share it. But more so lately, I've had a share of ups and downs which has shaped me to be who I am today...

My blog, if you've been following me for a while, well it's been sparse. That's the best word I can find for it. I blog when I feel comfortable with things. When I'm in a good place, when something makes me smile or when I feel the need to address something of importance. It's hard not to be here daily. It really is. It's a place which I love, but find it hard to sit down and reflect what this space holds in itself. This print above speaks volumes to me, like I mentioned above, because though I don't compare myself to others, or at least try not to do so, I can't help but wonder if people do the same to me. Do you compare yourself to me, or to others? Please don't compare to me by any means. You'd need the whole picture to do so…

I've been looking for the right words to start a post like this for a long while, an these words above have helped me some to find a bit of peace to collect my thoughts. My life isn't perfect. I know this. And this is going to come to a shocker as a few of you have been following me for a while, and those who do know me on a more personal level (some even family/cousins I have not spoken to directly) but for the others out there… I have two beautiful, smart and beyond amazing kids which are horrible eaters, we struggle with mealtime daily and I'm a horrible cook (baking cookies, I'm golden with but cooking a meal not so much) but I'm sure this doesn't help. I live far from my family (my parents, brothers, cousins), 1000's of miles away which makes life rough. Family bonds are best when you are closer, I know this, so I miss my immediate family dearly. I just had to explain to someone that I am horrible with gadgets, electronics, tools, things of this such, that really overwhelm me. I try to be ok with it all but I have no clue how to even program my tv. It's daunting to me so if you can do that, get your tv to work right, well high fives for you, cause I can't do it, hahaha! If you know me, you'd probably realize I loath carpet, it grosses me out, and if you follow me on IG you'd see I now live in a carpeted apartment and my cat is having a grand old time tearing it up to bits. Now it's hard to write this next part, cause it's not something I've chosen to publicly announce till now, but I had been in a long relationship, which ended a while ago with my now ex-husband. An well, life always goes on, and things happen for a reason, sometimes which we don't always understand at first but it all works out in the end like it's suppose to be. I work hard to make sure my kiddos are the center of my attention and main focus. I juggle a lot more than people see. I work a great job but also freelance when I can to bring in a little extra for my kiddos (cause I like treating them to ice cream when I can) an I. I have stepped away from my personal art (drawing) for far to long to focus on my new life and how to manage it all. As I start to dabble back into art, when the time allots for such, it makes me so happy! If we're friends via IG, you may know I have a different guy in my life. I choose not to share my love life with people because it's my business but he holds a special place in my heart and that's all you need to know. So there you have it, my life isn't what you may see, and far from perfect…

An thank you Emily McDowell for reminding us (an me) "I WILL NOT compare myself to strangers on the internet".


  1. You (and Emily) are so right...the only person you should compare yourself to is you.

    Have a lovely day (:

    P.s I won one of your embroidery pieces a couple of years ago and I just wanted to tell you how much I love it, It makes me smile every time I see it <3 Thats all :p

  2. Love the quote. Looking forward to seeing more doodles. Hoping life gets settled into a new happy place for you all.

  3. I love this post and it needs to be said and we need to be reminded. I compare myself all too often to others and it's easy to.
    I also respect that you got a little more personal on this post.
    You're the best Sandi. I love your doodles and artwork and look forward to seeing it.

  4. With all this you have shared (I knew something was diffrent just from few photos and such but I appreciate you can control your personal troubles the share them in a beautiful way)
    Your life is still perfect to me! Artist,momma and happy! What more could a gal ask for!

    Much love


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