Thursday, November 07, 2013



Do you know of Matt & Kim? Well if you don't, today is your lucky day. I was introduced to them a few months back. I heard one song and knew they would be a my new favorite. I instantly loved them and did what I do best, which is put a song on repeat and drown myself in the music. I had heard a few of their other songs on the radio but really didn't know who they were. But now, I own a few of their cd's and cant seem to stop listening to them. Even the kiddos love their songs and the beat to the music is super catchy that I find W humming music nonchalantly. I was going to share this video below that I really loved the song and choreography though it's a bit more risque I guess (you've been warned, ha!), I also did a little lettering doodle based off of this song which you can see here… and I really enjoy this video and song too… ok their all good songs, I can't really pick a favorite. But I hope you like them. :)


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  1. I remember when the Lessons Learned video came out. I saw them in a tiny skate shop in Florida back in 2008 before they got "big" and it was one of the most fun shows I've ever been to!


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