Monday, November 18, 2013



This weekend was a busy whirlwind for sure. It was filled with ups and downs but all in all it went by to fast like they always do. Highlights from this weekend past… Macaroon shopping for a friends birthday (Happy Birthday Rachel!) an everything looked so pretty it was so hard deciding on just a few. A thrift stop where this lovely kitty planter made it's way into my cart. Now I am horrible with plants, I think I over-love them (aka water them way to much) an sadly they don't survive to long, so I'm going to find another use for this purrfect planter, maybe a trinket dish or pencil holder instead. There was a slumber movie sleepover plus an game of sonic blasters, which the kiddos really seemed to enjoy. We camped out in the living room on sleeping bags, doodles pictures, P covered herself in temporary tattoos, stayed up watching a few new movies, and snacked on goodies. There was a tasty weekend breakfasts, which is my favorite meal by far. We joined a dinner out with our friends. An I found these amazing shoewings in neon yellow, so now my chucks can serve a second purpose as magical flying shoes. Hope your weekend was amazing! :)

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  1. Love the photo of the sleepover!!! :) I would want to eat a few of everything in that dessert case!!


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